Welcome to QikBizCRM

CRM Flow Diagram

QikBizCRM is a lightweight customer relationship management system designed to help you easily, simply and efficiently track your new leads and existing customers.

It has been built due to the need for many businesses to have a simple system that all their staff can access from anywhere without being too complex to use.

We feel we have achieved this while keeping it easy to use so that you don't have to put your staff through extensive training.


  • Manage & track your customers (Organisations / Contacts)
  • Manage & track your leads
  • Keep track of lost/won leads
  • Keep a record of all of your activities & interactions with customers and leads including your email conversations.
  • Attach files to activities, organisations, contacts & leads
  • Send Bulk emails to customers and handle unsubscribes automatically
  • Export Customers/Leads to CSV for Mail merges
  • Manage your team with multiple security levels
  • Manage ownership of customers & leads
  • See an overview of statistics related to your customers & leads
  • Optional integrated invoicing and billing system